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Mon Mar 27 17:14:29 2023 (*6952cd93*):: gettr getting dragged *** Indicted Chinese exile controls Gettr social media site, ex-employees say *** Guo Wengui has previously been described as an… Continue Reading



Mon Mar 27 16:35:03 2023 (*5b5b0ae5*):: (*3bd42332*):: +public! (*54b3f3ac*):: Shit] posting dint stops unless all humans are dead



Mon Mar 27 02:59:01 2023 (*6952cd93*):: leaky twatter[…]tebuttons&utm_medium=site%20buttons&utm_campaign=site%20buttons +public! *** Parts of Twitter source code leaked online, company takes legal action: report *** The internal probe revealed whoever leaked… Continue Reading



Mon Mar 27 02:18:10 2023 (*6952cd93*):: nvidia is run by no-coiner commies :sad_pepe: +public! *** Cryptocurrencies add nothing useful to society, says chip-maker Nvidia *** Tech chief says the… Continue Reading