the knifeprty


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To me, any blockchain instance is equivalent to a description of a generic finite state machine’s state transition history. Any problem or computation that can be expressed as a finite state machine can benefit from blockchain, especially if the state transitions in that problem space need to be audited or have some arbitrary data associated with each transition.

This would include most business operations considering the fact that in any atomic moment, the state of any business can be described as the current balances in every account, including non-cash accounting like inventory and the like (philosophically discounting the mental decision space state of execs and employees, which could be commented about in metadata…). Every “business activity” is simply a state change on accounts- every delivery, every wire transfer, employee time sheets, etc. can be encoded and the entire history of business operations could be recorded and replayed back in simulation and should arrive at exactly the same numbers. Awesome and terrifying power!

Consider dealing with the IRS replaying multiple blockchains to track cross-chain shenanigans…

Of course if you’re on the game, you’d have as much proof of your taxes as they would.

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