the knifeprty




Sat Mar 25 02:25:38 2023 (*54b3f3ac*):: (*6952cd93*):: +public! (*5d1a5cab*):: Lol we just getting started :satisfied: (*54b3f3ac*):: Seems that way. Db or citi next? (*54b3f3ac*):: Hell even schwab looks really bad right now (*5d1a5cab*):: Shit idunno. You tell me. The question is if a confidence pillar will fail, like one of the big four. Im thinking yes. Though it may not matter ultimately. Also, imean we all know that the timing is lining up perfectly with the cbdc doomer conspiracy theories that have been going around since 2020. And the conspiracy theorists are batting .1000.
I think this all ties to covid and is equally inevitable and equally authoritarian and planned (*6952cd93*):: I’m calling Douche Bank rn

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