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Fri Apr 21 00:41:41 2023 (*6952cd93*):: man lefty economists are so weird +public! “greedflation” is becoming their new favorite word… its’ the big bad companies refusing to lower prices on products that’s killing capitalism and the economy, not the full retard level of money printing adding trillions in liquidity and de facto MMT, not the out of control gov spending on pure garbage and refusal to balance a budget and a now near trillion dollar a year debt servicing bill, not the fed keeping rates unnaturally near zero for a decade and now raising rates faster than they ever have, not the US laundering hundreds of billions around the world for never ending proxy war with Russia, not the massive squeeze everyone is feeling from higher taxes across the board, not the endless pile on of worthless regulations to employ more useless bureaucrats, etc. Anyway, the left ultimately wants capitalism to die in a fire so I don’t even know why they pretend to complain about this… *** Big Bank Economist: Greedflation Could END Capitalism | Breaking Points *** YouTube

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