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Mon Nov 27 05:20:47 2023 (*4cfb807c*):: *** Zurich Issues Digital Bond Using Wholesale CBDC *** Raiffeisen and the Canton of Zurich will receive conventional Swiss francs, not wholesale CBDC. At that point, the bond will be listed on both the SIX Digital Exchange and the main SIX Swiss Exchange. *** ZeroHedge (*6952cd93*):: thus, it begins +public!
(*6952cd93*):: seems like the CBDC and real notes will trade like onshore/offshore for a while till they phase out the paper (*6952cd93*):: how is this shit supposed to work anyway? can people run a node and hold these notes on a computer away from a bank or broker at least or is this really just as massive horseshit as it sounds? (*6952cd93*):: it’s crazy that swiss banking is truly over. They fucked themselves pretty badly and so fast. Switzerland is dead, it’s not neutral and it’s not a safe haven, and it’s broke, literally no point to it now except as the symbolic capital of WEF shenanigans. Kind of like the british clown, err crown I mean

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