the knifeprty




Thu Nov 10 00:19:31 2022 (*6952cd93*):: Heres what happened so far: GBTC premium collapse weakening 3ac -> luna finishing the job -> voyager bk -> FTX Voyager asset purchase -> FTX bk -> ???? (*6952cd93*):: +public! *** VOYAGER UPDATE❗| IMPACTS OF THE FTX COLLAPSE *** YouTube
(*3bd42332*):: It’s like, nesting dolls (*3bd42332*):: But instead of dolls, they’re dumpster fires (*3bd42332*):: :dumpster_fire: ( :dumpster_fire: + :dumpster_fire: ) / :dumpster_fire: ^ :dumpster_fire: (*3bd42332*):: Is now a time to buy GBTC?

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