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Fri Dec 1 22:59:55 2023 (*6952cd93*):: ruh roh, this looks really bad +public! *** Latin America On Edge As Venezuela’s Maduro Holds Referendum Whether To Invade Oil-Rich Neighbor Guyana *** “It pressures the opposition to take a position on a sensitive subject and gives [Maduro] a potential excuse to declare a state of emergency and avoid the election altogether.” *** ZeroHedge (*7f971682*):: From a friend doing work down there: The US is actually backing guyana due to Exxon’s oil discovery there. Venezuela oil is high sulfur crap. Guyana oil is light sweet crude. Exxon projects 1 of every 4 barrels will come from guyana by 2027 Our Dept of defense was just down there last week. Also, our Secretary of State is former CEO of Exxon. Lol

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