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Sun Nov 13 12:05:24 2022 (*54b3f3ac*):: “…where is his company is headquartered, Changpeng Zhao’s, or CZ for short, answer was that Binance has no headquarters—it’s a decentralized company, in keeping with the decentralized ethos of the crypto industry.
He also challenged the definition of a headquarters: “Is that an office where people sit? I worked from home for the last three and a half years. Our leadership team are not sitting in one office, we don’t have a clear place where we can go by most people’s normal definitions of a headquarters that we can call a headquarters.”
Is cz a crypto og, fighting the system by evading gov regs and saying f u to China and us ect? Which would be cool af fuck and def in line with og crypto ethos. Or is it a ftx x10? Tough call, what yall think? (*9cb05920*):: What even is a “headquarters”? Lol nice (*54b3f3ac*):: interesting in all this shit. tzero is mooning (*9cb05920*):: Dude I think it continues to take off after this FTX fiasco (*4e3d9761*):: (*54b3f3ac*):: stop losses are gay. everyone knows you hodl for ever no matter what happens. . (*9cb05920*):: Is she like 12? (*54b3f3ac*):: *** Our Commitment To Transparency | Binance Blog *** As part of Binance’s ongoing commitment to transparency and fostering trust in the ecosystem, we are sharing details of our hot and cold wallet addresses. *** Binance Blog (*9cb05920*):: +public!

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