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Mon Nov 14 05:55:37 2022 (*6952cd93*):: The more ZH goldbug boomer clowns yammer about crypto having $0 value the more I want to buy +public! *** “Hints Of Many Crises – Lehman, Enron, MF Global – But No Lender Of Last Resort… Like Banking In The Late-1800s” *** “This smells like the kind of thing that happens toward the bottom. Near the end… This is the kind of catalyst that ushers in the capitulation, the flush, that then leads to the next stage we’ve been building for: the first regulated market cycle in digital assets.” *** ZeroHedge
(*6952cd93*):: I sure as hell havent been building for the “first regulated market cycle in digital assets” …. wow I cant think of a more disgusting and horrifying thing to say (*6952cd93*):: Regulated market cycles is just fancy communism for neocons and shitlibs (*6952cd93*):: Who the fuck buys crypto to be regulated? (*6952cd93*):: Like how metals are regulated and the market is fixed? These people dont get that they are the enemy of liberty and humanity’s future

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