the knifeprty




Sun Nov 20 18:12:46 2022 (*5d1a5cab*):: Wtf are yal talking about (*6952cd93*):: Related to this. +public! But more generally- wallet addresses that the state flags as being associated with criminal activity taints the balance at that address and every subsequent address those coins are sent to. So you can basically get set up by a bad actor to be associated with a crime that you didn’t commit simply by dusting your wallet with some sats and the state can’t tell that you’re innocent right off the bat. So because of this, fresh coins just mined sometimes fetch a premium off spot since it’s not possible for them to have been associated with anything yet. So the bad news is that by definition that makes bitcoins non-fungible as a side effect of law enforcement (*54b3f3ac*):: its the new form of digital parallel construction. kegan talked about this all the time back in the day that white coins would fetch premium someday.

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