the knifeprty




Tue Nov 22 17:40:29 2022 (*54b3f3ac*):: xy labs went public recently. they are the exchange part of tzero. (*54b3f3ac*):: dang corz has options. thats crazy for a poenny stonk (*54b3f3ac*):: buying more corz ? (*3bd42332*):: It would be nice to have a controlling interest in a defunct mining co’s assets is all im saying (*3bd42332*):: How much to buy 51% of shares outstanding? (*4cfb807c*):: Ya LTC did pamp pretty nice right up to top of range (*4cfb807c*):: Considering I have traded LTC in the 200s and its @ 65 right meow (*54b3f3ac*):: got a cool 30M lying around?? lol (*54b3f3ac*):: imma buy some calls on it out to 2024 and 2025. lotto tix (*4e3d9761*):: (*54b3f3ac*):: at .10 a pop. why not. if it ever goes back above 1 dollar it will pay out over 10 to 1
(*54b3f3ac*):: too bad glassnode isnt free anymore… (*54b3f3ac*):: custody is different from the exchange. so CZ is kinda fuding there. come on CZ, you know better! (*6952cd93*):: $LTCN up 20% (*54b3f3ac*):: most of them up alot today (*54b3f3ac*):: filg is up 45% (*54b3f3ac*):: who thinks we at bottom? (*3bd42332*):: There’s one more lower energy band below this that hasnt been tripped yet. (*3bd42332*):: Not yet (*6952cd93*):: If we arent at bottom, we are close (*3bd42332*):: My bid hasnt hit so we aint at the bottom (*3bd42332*):: :trollface: (*3bd42332*):: +public!
(*6952cd93*):: Wheres your bid at

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