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Wed Dec 14 19:32:34 2022 (*3bd42332*):: Im pricing out a project, and Onesignal just changed their pricing/free tier structure significantly (*3bd42332*):: They may be low on cash, and dont want to do layoffs (*3bd42332*):: Happened in the last week (*6952cd93*):: The rules around share issuance and redemptions for GBTC are so screwed. They can’t do both at the same time- there has to be a 6 month period between when they offer issuances and when they offer redemptions. And if they offer redemptions now the market might just pull out everything and send AUM to zero without them being able to issue anything to add back to AUM. It’s almost like the SEC set them up to fail in 2016. If they could just convert to an ETF a lot of the BS would go away. +public! *** Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Discount Reaches Record 50% *** The shares have not traded at a premium to bitcoin since last March. ***
(*6952cd93*):: Dudes are trying to sue them to force redemptions but I get why they don’t want to until they convert to ETF- it will destroy the fund. 6 months is a long ass time in crypto time (*3bd42332*):: They want to bankrupt him and then take it and then make it their etf (*6952cd93*):: yeah i wouldn’t doubt it (*6952cd93*):: SEC is just a bunch of gangsters (*6952cd93*):: its easy to just blame grayscale and unprofessional crypto clowns instead of realizing the real problem- the damn reggies rigged system trying to set up crypto to fail or at least keep it contained until CBDCs are rolled out (*6952cd93*):: If grayscale wanted to be chill and get people to help close the gap in the meantime, they should drop the 2% fee in half or even make it 0% for next year or until they can get the gangsters to let them convert. I don’t see that happening though (*896dff9b*):: GBTC fails. 6mo later an etf emerges

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