the knifeprty




Thu Jan 12 18:23:22 2023 (*6952cd93*):: Pit tickets for Blink 182 at the moody center are $620…. who the F pays $620 to see one band lmaoooo (*896dff9b*):: What are you talking about? You see 3 bands. Blink, angels and airwaves, and boxcar racer (*54b3f3ac*):: surprised no comments in here about pa today (*4cfb807c*):: $18.6k (*896dff9b*):: +public! (*4cfb807c*)::
(*54b3f3ac*):: mad moves all over the place right now. its wild (*54b3f3ac*):: this is feeling like dead cat. almost every asset is running to major long term res. be careful (*4cfb807c*):: Yeah I ain’t doing shit (*4cfb807c*):: Doge solidly @ 420 sats

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