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On Opting Out

Good times BS-ing with people about things out of our control…

Both sides are fearful, for sure. But there is a huge conflict of interest- vaccines don’t fall from the sky, they are made by companies for lucrative profits if they get government blessing. And certainly people argue that vaccines aren’t remotely as profitable as drugs- but that’s not the point really. The pro-vaxx lobby is much more about protecting and enhancing the authority of the singular medical establishment and their ability to direct cash flows than actually promoting public health or even vaccination itself. Sure, the anti-vaxx scene is filled with as many quacks and loons as the pro-vaxx scene has sycophants, but at least we know they don’t stand to profit immensely from their position exploiting sick people. Also, no, by not vaccinating you’re not having any effect on someone else’s body- someone getting vaccinated doesn’t magically remove the presence of disease in the environment. What is gained if you violate people’s autonomy to prevent illness and people still get sick?

I don’t have a solution for everyone, nor do I think there is one. But opting out and the availability of medical alternatives have to remain a legal option. Healthcare monoculture and indignant scientific absolutism are far more of a threat to public health than some so called loons skipping the vaxx schedule for any reason, legitimate or otherwise.

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