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On Who’s Holding the Bag

…and this thing is just part of some mundane flame war against an article and commenters on Alternet praising Dr. Krugman for being grand wizard of economic thought and credibility…

Paul “debt-doesn’t-matter” Krugman strikes again. He is part of the criminal class that want to inflate away the holes in the global economy- a.k.a evidence of the massive fraud committed by some elected but mostly appointed Keynesian acolytes to various positions of financial power.

The public must bear the consequence of the misallocations of capital they or their representatives voted for or were complicit in, otherwise the same mistakes and frauds will happen. If something bad happens, who else should bear the consequence? That is what all of this is about. Somebody has to- and broadly socializing negative consequences via inflation is a perfect way to hide economic fraud and exploitation because it is dealt with in the same manner as naturally occurring economic malaise and can fit convenient political narratives.

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