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Mon May 13 22:47:15 2024 (*4cfb807c*):: But will the (((correct demographic))) really be executed? #great-gallows-tower *** Leftists Triggered By Trump Policy To Potentially Execute Child Sex-Traffickers *** Claim there will be “an execution spree” if Trump is elected… *** ZeroHedge
(*4cfb807c*):: Indiscriminantly bombing/killing along a sovereign border is acceptable behavior for me but not for thee +public! *** At Least 360,000 Flee Rafah As Israel Touts ‘Precision Operation’ Against Biden Criticism *** “We are just hours away from the collapse of the health system in the Gaza Strip…” *** ZeroHedge
(*4cfb807c*):: *** Melinda Gates Abruptly Quits Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation *** “This time is right for me to move forward…”  *** ZeroHedge

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