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Fri Dec 2 20:56:43 2022 (*6952cd93*):: lol this article’s comments section is intense :npc: retardation. Calling for AJ’s imprisonment and death, suspending first amendment, etc. over sandy hoax +public! *** Alex Jones Files for Bankruptcy *** The Infowars broadcaster has been ordered by courts to pay about $1.5 billion in damages to Sandy Hook families hurt by his promotion of conspiracy theories. *** The New York Times
(*54b3f3ac*):: Lol even the young turks called Alex sane after that. Ye is kinda genius with this from a biz standpoint. Controversy sells baaaby! (*54b3f3ac*):: Sucks Twitter banned him again. Elon is such a cuck (*6952cd93*):: yeah super cuck (*54b3f3ac*):: Every person is saying the same thing too. If Alex Jones thinks your off then you got a problem. Lame (*6952cd93*):: :nazi: banned but :communist: is great!! (*54b3f3ac*):: Alex has probably been right more than all these people. Is it kinda weird jones is being used this way? (*3bd42332*):: Yeah, the scope of the scam seems very scripted (*3bd42332*):: A week later kanye comes on in direct violation of twitter ToS (*3bd42332*):: Musk lets aj on (*3bd42332*):: Aj banned again (*3bd42332*):: But kanye also has a deal with musk

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