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Sun May 21 20:02:37 2023 (*4cfb807c*):: *** Supreme Court: IRS Can Obtain Bank Records Of 3rd Parties Not Under Investigation *** “The Supreme Court’s ruling grants the IRS startlingly broad authority to pry into the financial records of people who may be only remotely connected to a delinquent taxpayer…” *** ZeroHedge
(*6952cd93*):: ^ obvious violation of the 4th but they don’t give a shit. FUck the courts and irs and the whole shebang, we don’t have representation or a government, this is purely an occupying force

In a future case, the Court should address the constitutional limits on the government’s power to demand access to people’s most sensitive financial information.

How fucking useless are the courts then? The government gets a blank check to do whatever it wants and after the fact the courts get to decide whether it was constitutional or not? after the damage is done… fuck these people +public!

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