the knifeprty




Tue Sep 12 19:39:38 2023 (*6952cd93*):: lol democrats +public! *** Candidate in high-stakes Virginia election performed sex acts with husband in live videos *** A candidate in a high-stakes legislative contest in Virginia performed sex acts with her husband in live videos posted on a pornographic website while asking viewers to pay them with “tokens” or ”tips” for individual requests. *** AP News
(*4cfb807c*):: *** McCarthy Launches Biden Impeachment Inquiry *** Comer and Jordan unleashed… *** ZeroHedge
(*4cfb807c*):: Made them offers they could not refuse *** CIA Bribed Analysts To Change Lab-Leak Conclusions: ‘Senior-Level’ Whistleblower *** “…a significant monetary incentive to change their position…” *** ZeroHedge

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