the knifeprty




Sun Dec 3 09:52:15 2023 (*4cfb807c*):: But to paraphrase gulag archipelago yet one more time: “the rake” did not care who you were, if you were red blooded and had a pulse and within jurisdiction, you were a candidate for gulag, you name just needed your name and address to be informed and to be said out loud during interrogation, and in you would be raked. The questions were not “who else was with you during x crime” or “who else is involved with x investigation”, but “who else do you know of, give us names”, and if you did not give any names you would be tortured until you sang every name of every man, woman and child in memory and their addresses and life stories, and then all those people would be arrested and interrogated, and all the names they gave would then be arrested and interrogated, et al. This was the rake. And anyway, “precise intelligence” with fancy AI? Nkvd only needed pen and paper, typewriters, lists of names, and groups of jackboots with rifles to arrest the names at the addresses, then some holding cells, then shifts of interrogators, then some free train rides. Bulllshit, they want every man, woman and child in Gaza d e a d. (*6952cd93*):: +public!

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