the knifeprty




Thu Dec 14 18:23:14 2023 (*4cfb807c*):: *** Oh Look, It’s A Satanic Goat Skull And Pentagram In The Iowa State Capitol *** Nothing out of the ordinary here, just a horned goat skull and blood red pentagram for Christmas… *** ZeroHedge (*4297a328*):: +public! (*54b3f3ac*):: here is the real pic (*4297a328*):: Alternative to the fire extinguisher… we need a flame thrower for this one

(*54b3f3ac*):: Hmm. But fire doesn’t work on demons. Supersoakers with holy water should do the trick! (*4cfb807c*):: A simple disassembly and general trash disposal would suffice (*4297a328*):: demon removal service

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