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Wed Nov 8 17:38:49 2023 (*7f971682*):: Did any of you think of joining the military in high school? (*7f971682*):: I did for a minute when I was a sophomore after 9/11. Also briefly in 03’ when we went to war with Iraq. By senior year I was just thinking about college. In college I thought about rotc for a minute. But no, I don’t think I really considered it an option (*4cfb807c*):: I entertained it, and very nearly also in my 20s considered the navy during a bored/lull point; I’m glad I didn’t; the HS feedback was immediate, I had friends come back telling me it was rough and I was better off; for the navy, I have had multiple navy divers tell me in the last 5 years accidental deaths and mishaps have been a huge morale issue and a lot of people were fast tracking retirement even prior to the plandemic (*4cfb807c*):: I’ve had multiple service members tell me that if you stay in long enough past a certain age w/o moving up you’re eventually going to be a casualty and def see someone else become a casualty (*6952cd93*):: Most of my family served, but in navy or air force. I was in JROTC all through high school. I graduated in 2000 well before 9/11 but I couldn’t go through with it. I wasn’t worried about being a casualty or taking a dirt nap though. For me it was more that I didn’t want to take shitty orders and be sent to die in some foreign land for garbage nihilistic political reasons. Also I didn’t want to be a medical experiment. I wanted to be in infantry though, I wanted the combat experience. Or tank or field artillery crew. I thought it was so gay that people join the military to just be some desk jockey lmao wtf is the point. It’s just a regular job then. Might as well be civilian. (*54b3f3ac*):: i almost did but had tro have major surgery and they would have not accepted after anyways. maybe it saved my life in a weird way (*6952cd93*):: Zelenskyy should just launch a war bond shitcoin *** Jack Poso :us: on X *** BREAKING: Zelensky goes on NBC, now pitches public loans from the United States.
‘Give us credit, and we will pay you back after the war’ *** X (formerly Twitter) (*6952cd93*):: +public! (*4297a328*):: He can have sbf be his underwriter
(*54b3f3ac*):: or better yet hit up gensler to advise him on compliance

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