the knifeprty




Mon Jan 30 20:38:59 2023 (*6952cd93*):: can you imagine this movie? some hardcore ruski shit man…

  1. starts with a young russian dude and his buds being hoodrats and robbing local shops
  2. gets busted by the popo and sent to gulag after a speedy trial
  3. wagner recruiter comes along to his penal colony and promises freedom, redemption and good pay to go to the front
  4. survives brutal trench warfare on the front for 6 months with a 66% casualty rate
  5. comes home with a thousand yard stare, and after 3 weeks wants to go back to the front with his prison unit because he is bored of civilian life LOL +public! *** ‘Very Dangerous People’: Russia’s Convict Fighters Are Heading Home *** He was released from a Russian prison and thrown into battle in Ukraine with a promise of freedom, redemption and *** DNyuz

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