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Basic Income is a Trojan Horse

I wrote the following in 2014 before the Yang Gang came to grip America with his UBI dreamzzz….

The basic income thing is a manipulation- it’s a tool to keep the burgeoning poor hooked on consumption and away from being able to invest in appreciating assets that would help lift them out of poverty. Basic income across the board is a huge win for the 1% and a huge fail for everybody else- at the very least the cost of housing would jump up just because they can and nominally raise the cost of living everywhere erasing all gains that the basic income provided. All the people that had cut back from their pre-recession habits want them back! You would then have to do price controls and outright central planning to get the scheme to work like it does on paper.

Elitist exploiting the tragedy of the commons to make themselves richer- who could have guessed??

It’s not that dated of a rant. But now we have an actual payment plan to tear apart:

Money printing is absolutely inevitable. First of all, we are already doing it in spades and we don’t have UBI yet. Second, “reduced poverty expenses” and “economic growth” are a complete handwave and in no way guaranteed- in fact they could be negative.

Also, VAT sucks. We shouldn’t be emulating Europe, they are an economic basket case. Financial transaction tax will screw markets because liquidity will drop hard. The carbon fee is unreliable as time goes on because we’re supposed to bring net carbon emissions to zero.

At this point I would smarmily place the following quote to end this rant:

A democracy can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury.

But the Atlantic buzzkillers say it doesn’t exist:

From the moment President Obama was reelected, disgruntled conservatives began circulating a quote heralding democracy’s downfall at the hands of greedy voters. We hate to break it to them in their time of mourning, but their favorite bit of historical wisdom is fabricated. 

Sadly the joke is on them. See, they say:

Back in the real world—a world where voters aren’t looting the Fed and proper attribution matters—none of the men cited above wrote these words. 

Now, we have candidates that are literally wanting to loot the Fed. But even worse, the trick is on the voters because the Fed is actually LOOTING THEM because we are all trained to abhor understanding of the true nature of money and how it comes to exist.

In Soviet Amerika, the Fed prints YOU

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