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Tue May 2 01:33:23 2023 (*6952cd93*):: :clownnuke: if there is no plan to lower debt and cut spending and mass fedgov layoffs like we are experiencing in the real economy, then we should absolutely default. This high treason criminal racket needs to stop. The whole concept of an entity declaring a debt ceiling for themselves is pure clownery. It’s like a person being able to raise their own credit score after they maxed out all their borrowing. But the lefty economists always smugly say “a government is not a household” while they demand the gov be able to suck out whatever capital they wish from productive people like a bunch of filthy communists. Keynes and especially Neo-Keynes is as bad as Stalin or Lenin. The end goal is full nationalization of all productive capital. That’s the logical endgame of gov counting the money funny. +public! *** Biden seeks debt ceiling talks, as U.S. faces possible June 1 default *** The updated deadline comes after Republicans adopted a bill coupling an increase in the limit with spending cuts, defying a veto threat from President Biden. *** Washington Post
(*6952cd93*):: just look at these prog twat economists. Filthy stuff- they write all day long these clown intellectual masturbation essays to justify mass theft *** A Government is not a household – Positive Money *** Claims of ending austerity ring hollow, unless we do away with the ‘household’ fallacy The single greatest masterstroke of the Cameron-Osborne era was to undercut future progressive policy by mainstreaming the idea that the government needs to manage its finances like a household. As the Budget approaches, we should remain sceptical of any claims, like […] *** Positive Money

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