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Wed May 3 05:10:58 2023 (*6952cd93*):: unpopular opinion time: congress critters insider trading is literally the least problematic thing these people get up to. If people are pissed that they’re making money and you’re not, just follow their portfolio then. :emocatgirlshrug: If they have access to special information, the bit of info used to make money is telegraphed by their market moves. Plus- so they get banned from trading stonks… then what? They move into other asset classes and craft policy to pump that and then what? They should be banned from owning real estate now? Their small businesses? Should they literally be forced to liquidate all wealth and sit in cash? Who the hell wold run for congress except communists then? It’s interesting to see left and right populism line up. But this is misguided IMO +public! *** AOC, Matt Gaetz team to push bill banning Congress members from owning, trading stocks *** Three US House lawmakers spanning the partisan divide have introduced a bipartisan bill to ban all stock trading for members of Congress. *** New York Post

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