the knifeprty




Tue Nov 8 19:16:58 2022 (*54b3f3ac*):: Well looks like it is going to be Luna 3.0 or whatever (*54b3f3ac*):: Ftx down over 50% today alone (*4cfb807c*):: So … ATH ?? (*54b3f3ac*):: ? (*4e3d9761*):: it’s over (*54b3f3ac*):: 18200 gunn hold? (*54b3f3ac*):: That’s the line in the sand for the range (*3bd42332*):: Nope (*4e3d9761*):: 18k broke (*4cfb807c*):: So … ATH ?? (*54b3f3ac*):: ? (*4cfb807c*):: Lol I was joking (*4cfb807c*):: Still >$17.5k, barely wicked just above that (*4cfb807c*):: @ $17.7k (*3bd42332*):: +public!
(*4cfb807c*):: Ugh, if I had my shiz together, these kinds of days are gr8 are golden for inter-exchange price arbitrage (*4e3d9761*)::
(*3bd42332*):: Blood moon indeed (*6952cd93*):: :honeybadger: :feelsgood: (*3bd42332*):: Blood moon opposite of actual moon (*6952cd93*):: Blood moon signals the Bankman swan :coronaswan: (*3bd42332*)::
(*4cfb807c*):: So … ATH ?? (*54b3f3ac*):: ? (*4cfb807c*):: Lol I was joking (*54b3f3ac*):: Ahh u was joshin (*3bd42332*)::
(*4cfb807c*):: BLOOD MOON DEMANDS SACRIFICE (*71540a27*):: <@U04461MMLDR> has joined the channel (*4e3d9761*)::
(*54b3f3ac*):: *** Metal Gear Solid: Alert (!) メタルギアソリッド *** YouTube
(*54b3f3ac*):: Haha you know it’s getting bad now (*6952cd93*):: Wheres (*54b3f3ac*):: Dang hnt gettin crushed. Some 20pxt plus sell offs. Of course I’m afk (*71540a27*):: I likey (*71540a27*):: Bring the fucking pain (*71540a27*):: I got months old orders need fillin (*4cfb807c*):: *** MASTODON – “Blood and Thunder” (Official Music Video) *** YouTube
(*71540a27*):: Im still not convinced they fill though. Im sittin around 11. Rn its still bottom of range. I already bought here. (*4cfb807c*):: Buy the the dip (?)
(*3bd42332*):: It’s more of a thin sauce instead of a dip at this point (*4cfb807c*):: Lower low @ $17.1k (*4cfb807c*):: -25% pull back from <$21.5k (*3bd42332*):: What’s 42.0%? (*4cfb807c*):: gasp -42% is none other than $12.5k (*3bd42332*):: :woah: (*4cfb807c*):: Mars and Jupiter were super bright last night (*6952cd93*):: best trading day in a while- bankman swan on the same day as the rigged election (*6952cd93*):: :blood-moon: :coronaswan: (*4cfb807c*):: This seems like as great a time to pick up miners on the cheap (*3bd42332*):: Is there a mining profitability calculator for doge? (*3bd42332*):: Frankly i care about yield not price

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