the knifeprty




Sun May 12 02:37:03 2024 (*4297a328*)::
(*92354e0d*):: I sold 50 for $10 each… wasn’t a believer just got paid out from a poker site and was dead broke (*4297a328*):: Ya if you (the grand “you”) dont have a story like that, you arent even a reql bitcoiner (*097dfbf6*):: 5x is better than most normies ever get on a trade anyway (*4297a328*):: (*097dfbf6*):: +public!
(*7defd30b*):: I still regret my 1.5 bitcoin per month apartment lease living at Harlan’s place haha (*92354e0d*):: I bought some kayaks… a btc each. Last time I used one I gashed my head open horsing around and had 1200 emergency room bill ftw. (*92354e0d*):: The worst part of it all is how many trustfunders were able to really level up off not needing liv8ng $$.. lol. (*097dfbf6*):: I lent 3 BTC to vezmar and he said I lost it because it was my fault for lending to him lmao (*097dfbf6*):: one day i’m gonna get that shit back from him (*097dfbf6*):: he could have given me literally any other excuse but the one he chose… that’s some next level scumbag shit (*4297a328*):: He sued his date for 25$ (*4297a328*):: Piece of shit confirmed (*7defd30b*):: Oh shit. That’s crazy (*7defd30b*):: I feel like early day bitcoin spending stories could be a sad and hilarious podcast

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