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Thu Dec 15 01:33:49 2022 (*6952cd93*):: more homies calling for $13k :feelsgood: +public! *** Legendary Trader Peter Brandt Forecasts Major Move for Bitcoin (BTC) – Here’s His Target – The Daily Hodl *** Veteran analyst and crypto trading legend Peter Brandt says Bitcoin (BTC) is likely to collapse in price before the next bull run despite a recent rally. *** The Daily Hodl
(*6952cd93*):: *12.5k (*4cfb807c*):: Bring it! (*6952cd93*):: The rules around share issuance and redemptions for GBTC are so screwed. They can’t do both at the same time- there has to be a 6 month period between when they offer issuances and when they offer redemptions. And if they offer redemptions now the market might just pull out everything and send AUM to zero without them being able to issue anything to add back to AUM. It’s almost like the SEC set them up to fail in 2016. If they could just convert to an ETF a lot of the BS would go away. +public! *** Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Discount Reaches Record 50% *** The shares have not traded at a premium to bitcoin since last March. *** (*54b3f3ac*):: maybe. they still wont share their holdings with anyone citing ‘security concerns.’ do they not know how blockchain works or are they scammin? pretty shady
(*4e3d9761*):: Brittany’s holdin back a big buy, thinking another shoe will drop. (*54b3f3ac*):: seems everyone is a genius and all you have to do is wait and buy 13k. then moon. usually when the normies all think one way…

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