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Capitalism doesn’t die if it doesn’t keep growing. Why do people insist that??

However, countries die when their governments play accounting shenanigans with their monetary system to cover up capital misallocation and project failure via politicians pandering to their base without personal consequence- these shenanigans require infinite growth.

We need more disruption, not less. Else the status quo will never be dislodged.

The future is inevitably post-state. We live in a time where technology and new and developing methods of social organization are making traditional government obsolete. Government as we know it isn’t required for equitable civilization anymore.

Seriously, the entire world is basically broke and we could have another world war over it because the government meme has run out of steam, yet will seek to preserve itself at all costs. A body claiming sovereignty will kill its own subjects if they felt it would serve to protect itself.

Social hierarchies of a big enough size guarantee the upper ranks to be filled with sociopaths because they’re the only ones that can stomach the dirty politics needed to get to that height. Why shouldn’t we disrupt the hell out of that shit now that we realistically can?

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