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Ripple and Fidor Bank

The news that Fidor bank out of Germany is now using ripple internally is actually quite incredible. Fidor is The bank Kraken uses for their euro deposits. Hopefully kraken can become a gateway soon. Are they waiting for the money transmission license situation? Vault of satoshi out of canada can serve customers in South Carolina now. 1 state down, 49 to go. What about cryptsy? Also, still waiting for dcxtx to launch- looking forward to a Texas crypto exchange. Hopefully they will seek a transmission license in tx first. How difficult is it to get a money transmission license anyway? And why do we need one now that the IRS doesn’t think crypto coins are money, but property? Can the IRS just make shit up as they go along? Is crypto a Shrodinger’s cat that turns into whatever serves the government most at any given time?

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