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The IMF Money Salvo to Start a Hot War

Economic violence begets physical violence.

The G-7 shareholders of the IMF (( control it directly regarding the issues they care most about, and for less important peripheral issues it’s just the IMF’s supposedly impartial staff making objective decisions.

Meanwhile, today, as reported by CNBC (( and Zerohedge ((, the IMF will only bail Ukraine out if it manages to hold on to the east.

So it would seem that the IMF shareholders are likely trying to goad the Russian military into invading Ukraine by forcing the Ukrainians to fight and die to regain control of the east if they want to see the money and avoid a complete meltdown of the Ukrainian economy. Therefore, it would buy a war and provide cover for the economic calamity that the war represents, and it would make Russia look like the aggressor for convenient propaganda purposes.


Fuck the west, fuck the east, fuck the left and fuck the right. The sociopathic leadership of all political stripes are trying to cull the flock because they know that the global economy is nothing but a sad game of musical chairs and the music is about to stop.

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