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Fasces in the United States

Fascist iconography is everywhere in Amerika… but it’s ok because all states are basically fascist. It is a tradition that civilizations from West to East eventually came up with on their own, though ours is very much obviously Roman in flavor. Fascism is really just using state (collective, legitimated) power to attempt to advance certain classes of people ahead of others in accordance to a particular moral worldview and using the threat of violence to do so. The classic struggle between capital owners and laborers continues to define politics even though in modern times it is easily demonstrated that one can be both a worker and an owner of capital. So it is funny to hear Democratic Socialism (demzi) apologetics trying to make the case that it is completely different from National Socialism (nazi) when the only substantive difference is that minorities are the ones being politically enabled instead of the populist “silent majority.” In the face of changing demographics, it will be the demzis that will bring back the old traditon:

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