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On the Solution to Inequality

The following debate was spurred by the AlterNet article (( regarding Chris Rock’s recent statements on inequality.

So what’s the solution? Central planning and forced redistribution so nobody but bureaucrats and their sycophants taste luxury? Sounds great!
If you just work hard and expect a high quality of life, you’re being foolish. Rolling boulders uphill sure is hard work but ain’t nobody gonna pay you for that. Work smart, think outside the box, take the road less traveled, and ignore people trying to sell you solutions to your problems. Only then can you understand and achieve true value and purpose. Everything else is building someone else’s dream.

Your solution is too far down the correct path. Do you really think there are no European billionaires? Yet the citizens there enjoy a higher standard of living than we do because of capping income and forcing redistribution. And things like internet/tv access are much better, faster and cheaper than here for EVERYONE. The average citizen enjoys vacation time well in excess of what we are told we can have.The political system allows for more voices so less feelings of disenfranchisement and greater participation. LSS, the “American Dream” is bullshit dreamed up by the slave masters and sold to the uneducated quite successfully by the propaganda machine called the MSM.

Europe is in shambles- it is currently experiencing a triple dip recession and increasing unemployment and there is a growing chorus for dismantling the Eurozone. In fact, many if not all European billionaires are exactly the kind of scammers that game the central planning style system for their own benefit and are an essential component of the malaise. The “higher” standard of living in Europe is untenable at best- it is based on future promises that are increasingly impossible to fulfill.
Likewise, the American Dream was a hallucination that you can construct government to make your dreams possible when the best we can legitimately do is construct a government that isn’t an impediment to implementing your own dreams based on the resources available to gather.

According to fascists everywhere.

I’m fascist because I don’t echo the “everything is fixed” narrative? Because of your intellectual laziness you can’t see that state capitalism and central planning bureaucracy yield the exact same results- total control and suppression by a minority elite. Lets say you’re correct- Europe is happier and has a better economy than the US and is a shining example of how everything should be run. How do you plan on sustaining that once the money is gone? It is a fact that they are consuming more than they produce to keep that higher standard of living going. Are you going to print more cash or wave a magic wand to make resources appear when they’re all tapped out?

So you want to turn it over to the Koch bros and their ilk. These are the elites you condemn. Capitalism is fine as long as it is regulated and has a public benefit as its main goal, (think Hoover Dam). Until the concept of “money”, which is really nothing more than “debt” which in turn is another form of slavery, is eradicated and we all move towards a sustainable future for everyone, the problems of power and control will continue. We are already at a point where technology is replacing many “jobs” and the population is still climbing. A soylent green future? No matter what, Fascism has already been tried. Study European history from 1850-1950 for a refresher.

Who said anything about me wanting to turn things over to the Koch bros? I absolutely want to avoid Fascism. My argument is that your central planning by committee based method doesn’t fix anything either and eventually causes the same problems of oppression and poverty. The concept of money is not necessarily debt- fiat currency, however, is based on debt. You cannot be rid of the concept of money and currency though, nor can debt cease to exist. When you remove any, another will take its place and a black market will emerge. As long as people have differing sets of values and differing abilities to meet their desires, there will be money and trade. Money and trade is not evil- lying and stealing to advantage one class over another is. Manipulating the economy to force certain classes of people to meet quotas for rations and suppressing the use of money is evil because it requires lying about value and institutionalized stealing and telling people they should be happy with what they have even when it’s decided for them. It’s just as evil as manipulating the government to enrich ones business and scam society like what the Koch’s do.

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