the knifeprty




Wed Dec 14 00:19:26 2022 (*4e3d9761*)::
(*3bd42332*):: HECKIN PERP WALK (*6952cd93*):: he put on a blazer and button down for his arrest lol wut (*6952cd93*):: no stop loss homegirl is gonna sing like a canary and walk and prob start a new fund haha +public! *** SBF Arrested, but what about Caroline Ellison? *** YouTube
(*3bd42332*):: Why is he the first perp walk out if any of these clowns (*6952cd93*):: it’s a dog an pony show- the arrest is to preempt any GOP questioning that could wreck and criminally implicate key players in the power structure (*6952cd93*):: he’s radioactive now, dems are trying to build a containment chamber lol

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